Legal Notice

1. Information on the ownership

The holder of the web “” is society EUROAMBROSIAS S.L. (hereinafter EUROAMBROSIAS) with CIF B83227827 and socially domiciled in Leganés (Madrid) 28914, Calle Arroyo de Soto nº 12, Parque Empresarial Las Lagunas.

Registered in the mercantile registry of Madrid, tomo 17373, book: 0. folio 73, section: 8, sheet: M-298061, registration: 1. In order to contact the owner of the website, interested parties can contact the following e-mail address

2. Users

The access and/or use of the web “” giving stakeholders the condition of users which implies the acceptance, without exception, all of the conditions contained in this Legal Notice.

3. Object

This notice regulates access to the contents and services offered by web “”, as well as its use on the part of the users.

In some cases, access may be conditioned particularly depending on the content and the use of certain services, which may assume that the conditions contained in this Legal notice may be replaced, supplemented and/or modified by other individuals.

In case there is some kind of contradiction between the General conditions and the specific, will prevail always provisions and regulated in the particular. The use, access and navigation in the web “” they presuppose and entail the acceptance on the part of the users This Legal notice and all the conditions contained therein.

The procurement and use of the service in the web “” by registered users is governed by the General conditions of the website where this aspect is expressly regulated.

4. Conditions of use of the website. Services and Content

The use of the web “” is for free, access to services offered in the web “” will require that the usuarios you need to fill in a form of access that will be included and will reflect the following personal information.

i. Name and surname.
ii. Place of residence and place of delivery.
iii. Phone number and email address.

The user is constrained to that personal information that you provide is true and accurate, as well as to keep it updated at all times. It shall be presumed, unless there is evidence against, that the usuario it is responsible for how many false or inaccurate manifestations are made in completing the form. As a result, the user be liable for any damages that may derive from your mendacity, whether caused by EUROAMBROSIAS and/or any third party.

Without prejudice to the hitherto disposed, the user:

i. Will use the web “” without contravening the provisions of this legal notice, to the extent that it regulates its operation, as well as with total respect for the legislation in force and the principle of good faith.
ii. No Service or use of the web “” For illicit purposes or that may cause personal injury and/or material damage to EUROAMBROSIAS and/or any third party, (2) with intent to cause a prejudice of any kind-commercial, reputational, honor, privacy, etc. – to EUROAMBROSIAS and/or any third party, or (3) in order to prevent the normal functioning of the same.

The user and/or any third party is strictly forbidden to carry out the following activities with respect to the contents (information, texts, graphics, sound and/or image files, photographs, designs, etc.) of the web “”:

  • Their reproduction, copying, distribution, dissemination, public communication, transformation or modification, unless authorized by their legitimate holders or legally permitted.
  • The infringement, by any means, of the current rights of industrial and/or intellectual property on the same.
  • Its use for all types of commercial or advertising purposes, other than those strictly permitted.
  • Obtained by any means other than the web “” makes available to the usuarios or of those allowed by usual uses on the Internet.

  • The user can access the web “” on an indefinite basis and without limitation, without prejudice to interruptions or suspensions to be held for maintenance or any other technical cause. However, EUROAMBROSIAS may limit or exclude from its access and/or use to certain users as a result of a use of the web “” improper or contrary to the law and the conditions contained in this legal notice.

    5. Unilateral modification

    EUROAMBROSIAS reserves the right to modify the web “” without prior notice, both in its structure and in its contents. Any modification of the web “” to be rushed will be for the benefit of their usuarios, and in order to improve the access and use of the same.

    Any changes that EUROAMBROSIAS On the conditions of access and use of the web “” be duly communicated to the users through the relevant notices inserted in place a visible of the same or by means of communication sent to the email address of user.

    In any case, the modifications carried out under no circumstances shall be retroactive.

    6. Links

    The web “” may contain links or links that allow access to other pages or websites owned and/or managed by third parties outside EUROAMBROSIAS.

    The function of these links is to facilitate the search of information, content and services on the network. The links, in any case, may be considered or held as a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to user to proceed to the visit of the applications, pages or websites to which they redirect, leaving the user at liberty and under their own responsibility to access the same. EUROAMBROSIAS it is absolutely oblivious to the applications, pages or websites that can be accessed through the links, stating that it does not participate in any way in the ownership, management, control of the same, as well as in the contents, services, information and Manifestations available in the same.

    As a result, EUROAMBROSIAS will not be responsible, neither direct nor indirect nor subsidiary, of the damages that the user May suffer from access to and use of linked applications, pages, or websites.

    Likewise, EUROAMBROSIAS will not be responsible of the damages that the owners and/or managers of the applications, pages or linked websites could cause to the users by:

    a. Maintenance or modification work.
    b. The opinions, manifestations, images, audios, videos and/or photographs in them contained or disseminated.
    c. The products or services offered therein.

    On the other hand, and on the assumption that the web “” Be linked in any application, page or website such action in any way implies:

    1. The existence of a relationship between EUROAMBROSIAS and the owner and/or manager of the application page or Web site where the link is inserted.
    2. The existence of knowledge, acceptance, permission and/or interest of EUROAMBROSIAS of and on the contents and, where appropriate, the goods and/or services offered in such application, page or website.
    3. The existence of support, reaffirmation and/or ratification by EUROAMBROSIAS to the information, contents, manifestations, images, audios, videos and/or photographs that are made, contain, lodge and/or disseminate in such application, page or website.

    7. Liability of users for damages

    The user will be served from the web “” by his sole will and under his own exclusive responsibility. EUROAMBROSIAS it shall not be liable for any damage or injury caused to the user and/or to third parties for a use contrary to the law, the good faith and the present legal notice, relapsing in them that responsibility.

    Failure to comply with the legal provisions of application, as well as this legal notice, may lead to the user Denial of access to the content of the web “” y a los bienes y servicios en ella ofrecidos para su adquisición.

    8. Intellectual Property

    All trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs of any kind appearing in the web “” or are owned by EUROAMBROSIAS o EUROAMBROSIAS it is authorized by its proprietor to proceed to its exhibition with a view to its marketing, in such a way that whatever the proprietor of the same, it is to the same one who corresponds the totality of the rights of intellectual and/or industrial property on the same.

    Access to the web “” and the hiring of services offered does not grant the user any right to use on trademarks, trade names or distinctive signs that are reflected in it, to which it is applicable the legislation on intellectual property and/or industrial in Spain. In this way, its reproduction and/or use of non-mediating and express authorisation of its holder or of EUROAMBROSIAS.

    9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

    The web “”, its ownership, the contents of any type in them included and/or hosted, as well as the rights of the users, are subject to the norms and provisions of the European Union and to the laws and regulations in force in Spain. These legal rules will apply to solve how many disputes between the parties can be generated.

    EUROAMBROSIAS and the users, with the express waiver of their own jurisdiction, to be applicable, they agree to submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the competent courts by reason of the domicile of the user to solve how many controversies and/or claims arise between them, provided that this domicile file in Spain.

    To file the address of the user outside the Spanish territory, both this and EUROAMBROSIAS they shall, for the purposes indicated above, be subject to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts of Madrid capital.