Overview Guide Michelin Spain and Portugal 2019

Our review of what has been given by the 2019 edition of the Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal

Another year we have here the rain of stars that has given us the edition 2019 of the Guide Michelin for Spain and Portugal, with some surprises and many joys.

The great protagonist of the night was Dani García wiht Dani García Restaurante as a brand new triple star. Spain and Portugal add up to 11 restaurants with three stars, the same as the year 2018, due to the close of Sant Pau.

The night continued with the winners who added their second star. Four restaurants received their second distinction: Ricahard Camarena, El Molino de Urdaníz de David Yanrnoz, the lisbon Alma and the brothers Torres that revalidated the two stars of Dos Cielos in her new place in Barcelona.

Finally, the night left 25 new first stars very distributed geographically. Among the highlights Trivio from Cuenca, Bagá from Jaén, provinces that premiere their first Michelin star. Also El Xato, Beat and Orobianco, all of them in Alicante. In Madrid we found Clos, el Corral de la Morería, El Invernadero which revalidates its star in its new location on Ponzano Street, the Yugo The Bunker and La Tasquería of our friend Javi Estévez with his avant-garde proposal on the offal.

In total the night was out with 30 new stars (4 for Portugal and 26 for Spain) a record in the annual cast. It also deserves to highlight the persistence in the work and effort of most of the restaurants that have managed to maintain and revalidate their stars.

From Euroambrosias we want to congratulate everyone for their dedication and constancy. Congratulations!