Personal Data Policy

1. Introduction

Access and use of the web “” will need the user, previously and expressly, to agree to have understood and accept this privacy policy, which implies the need that, before being accepted, be adequately read and understood.

Without prejudice to the identification of the holder of the web “” It is included in the Legal Notice, the following ends are recorded concerning the person responsible for the treatment:

The holder of the web “” and responsible for the treatment is Society is society EUROAMBROSIAS S.L. (from now on EUROAMBROSIAS) with CIF B83227827 and domiciled socially in Leganés (Madrid) 28914, Street Arroyo del Soto 12, Industrial estate Las Lagunas.

Figure registered in the Mercantile registry of Madrid, tomo 17373, libro: 0. folio 73, sección: 8, hoja: M-298061, inscripción: 1.

How many communications you want to make to EUROAMBROSIAS may be directed by interested parties to the email address

2. Object

This privacy policy is intended to make known to:

a. the users
b. and visitors and interested

The system through which EUROAMBROSIAS, through its web “”, collects your personal data, the files of EUROAMBROSIAS where such data shall be retained, the treatment to be given, the assignments to be carried out, the period by which the data are retained and the procedure to be followed for the exercise of access rights, rectification , cancellation, limitation of treatment and portability, so that after reading and understanding the interested parties give their consent-freely, voluntarily and expressly-to facilitate EUROAMBROSIAS the personal data you are requested through the forms arranged for it.

Access and use of the web “” you will need the prior acceptance of this privacy policy because, otherwise, it will be impossible to purchase the goods and services offered and provided for purchase through the web “” without prejudice to the provisions of the Legal Notice, and under the general conditions.

In this way, this privacy policy, the Legal notice and the general conditions comprise the whole of the standard of contractual character that will regulate the relation of the users with EUROAMBROSIAS Through the following links, you can access the aforementioned legal notice and the general conditions.

The provision of the service of distribution of select foods to individuals and hospitality through the web “” It will be limited in time to the concrete lapse that elapses since the user requests the acquisition of certain units and is served to him by EUROAMBROSIAS at the address designated for that purpose by the user. This implies the need to have read and understood this privacy policy, the Legal Notice and the general conditions prior to the hiring of a service.

Any modification to this privacy policy in the event of legislative changes, jurisprudential criteria and/or the good use practices of electronic commerce will be duly communicated to the interested parties through advertisements of easy vision and location inserted in the web “”, without prejudice that the user can be sent a communication to the email address he has provided to EUROAMBROSIAS.

3. Data files

By data file a structured and organized set of data must be understood to identify or allow identification of a natural person, accessible only by the observance of certain organisational and/or technical criteria, whether he has a character centralized or decentralized or distributed by functional and/or geographical criteria.

Specific personal data that EUROAMBROSIAS will collect from the users, through the web “”, the following forms include:

i. Name and surname.
ii. Address and place of delivery.
iii. Phone number and email address.

Such data shall be provided by the user, by providing free and express consent, through the completion of the aforementioned form. In this way, the omission or refusal of the usuario to facilitate any of the data previously exposed, it will, without prejudice to the impossibility of acquiring the goods and services offered for its acquisition in the web “”, the absence of consent to EUROAMBROSIAS can access the aforementioned personal data.

The user is solely responsible for facilitating EUROAMBROSIAS your personal data in an accurate and truthful way, being completely oblivious EUROAMBROSIAS to the damages that the user, acting in a false way and/or with bad faith, may cause as a result of having provided information outside the truth or directly falsified.

The personal data that the user puts at the disposal of EUROAMBROSIAS they will be added to the data file which is responsible for EUROAMBROSIAS, called “CLIENTES EUROAMBROSIAS”.

4. Time to maintain personal data

EUROAMBROSIAS maintain personal data provided by users for a period of five (5) years from the date on which the relationship between the two is terminated.

For this purpose, the date of the relationship shall be understood to mean the last request for goods and services and which has been duly paid by the user.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, the period initially envisaged for the preservation of personal data belonging to users may be extended as a result of the inspection activities that the tax authorities, protecting Data or any other with powers to the effect carry out in respect of EUROAMBROSIAS. Likewise, this period of five (5) years may be extended as a result of the judicial actions promoted by or directed against EUROAMBROSIAS be followed before the bodies of the administration of justice.

5. Treatment

EUROAMBROSIAS it will proceed to the processing of the personal data provided to it by the users In accordance with its commitment to the proper observance of existing legislation and regulations on data protection and the applicable to the provision of services through the information Society and e-commerce.

EUROAMBROSIAS will give the personal data provided by the users a treatment aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  • Manage the user’s browsing through the web “”.
  • Manage the Customer service department, in order to give an agile response and quite any doubts, incidents complaints, comments and/or concerns can be transferred by the user regarding the content of the web “” and the provision of the service of the information society offered.
  • Conduct statistical and profile-management studies through the study of access to web “” of all the users. This study will be done through the installation of cookies, in accordance with the provisions of the cookie policy contained in the Legal Notice.
  • To use the statistical studies carried out in order to design and plan actions to improve the services offered in the web “”.
  • Use the data in order to inform the usuarios on advantages, discounts and promotions associated with such a condition through electronic means (email, push notifications, etc.).
  • Monitor the fulfillment, maintenance, development and control of the services and contractual relations that the user agrees through the web “” with EUROAMBROSIAS.

  • 6. Transfer of data

    The treatment of personal data that you develop EUROAMBROSIAS it will bring its transfer to third parties involved in the service (partners, collaborators, operators of online payment systems, etc.). Specifically contracted for the provision of accessory services to the sharing.

    EUROAMBROSIAS it has signed with the aforementioned entities the opportune contracts of provision of service, contracts in whose clauses have been collected and detailed the terms in which the transfer of personal data will be made, and of the measures of security, organisational, physical and techniques, which these entities must implement and observe as an inescapable requirement for the data to be transferred and the conduct of the treatment they are entrusted.

    Without prejudice to the above, EUROAMBROSIAS, as responsible for the treatment, he has adopted the necessary organisational and technical measures to guarantee the security of the personal data that is the subject of transfer.

    7. Exercise of rights

    The user have the right to exercise EUROAMBROSIAS the following rights:

    I. Right to access to your personal datas, this includes getting a copy of the files in the EUROAMBROSIAS.

    II. Right to rectification of your personal data, in the event that the files in the EUROAMBROSIAS are incorrect.

    III. Right to cancelling your personal data, in order that once the relationship with this proceeds to the elimination of those that appear in his file.

    IV. Right to Limiting the treatment of your personal data , through whose exercise you can determine for specific purposes EUROAMBROSIAS can treat them.

    V. Right to portability of your data, or what is the same, to request EUROAMBROSIAS that the personal data concern be provided to a third person responsible for a treatment in a structured, common-use and mechanical reading format.

    The exercise of the rights indicated may be made by the user through the form contained in the contact area contained in the web “” or by email addressed to the address In both cases, the user must indicate the right concrete exercising.

    However, and in the event that the user exercise your rights through email, you must-as necessary-accompany the same of a copy, on the front and back, of your DNI or the title/Official document that accredits your identity.

    Within forty eight (48) hours to count from the receipt of the communication of the user exercising any of the rights that have recognized, EUROAMBROSIAS, forward to user, through the same medium used by this, notice of acknowledgement of receipt of the same. EUROAMBROSIAS will comply with the will of the user in the maximum term of fifteen (15) calendar days to be counted from the indicated reception, putting in knowledge of the same one this end by means of electronic mail sent to the address that to this purpose this one has designated.

    8. Security

    EUROAMBROSIAS he has carried out an analysis of the risks involved in the treatment and transfer of the data that has been provided by the users. As a result of such a risk analysis, EUROAMBROSIAS has implemented effective technical, physical and organisational security measures to prevent and mitigate the damage that may be caused to both the personal data contained in its file and its owners, committing to scrupulous compliance with the themselves and to keep these measures up to date in order to cover the possible changes that may occur in the risks.

    9. Confidentiality

    Personal data provided to you EUROAMBROSIAS through the web “” will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, committing EUROAMBROSIAS to keep the secret due to them.

    10. Security Policy Update

    EUROAMBROSIAS security policy may be amended as a result of legislative changes, jurisprudential doctrine and opinions of the AEPD that apply directly, indirectly or sectorally.

    As a result, EUROAMBROSIAS recommends users of the web “” that, on a regular basis, access and read this policy, without prejudice to the changes being communicated to them through push ads inserted in the web “” or, where appropriate, by e-mail addressed to the address designated by the user.