Scallops crunchy

Suggested presentation

StatusFrozen. Ready to cook.
Expiry date18 months since freezing
Temperature Frozen product. Keep at -18ºC. Do not refreeze after defrosting. Refrigerate after opening +2ºC and consume within 3 days.
Presentation formatUnit : 52 Crunchies (Aprox. 10g./Un.)
Shipping format3 Units: 156 Crunchies (Aprox 10g/ Un.)
Sales formatUnit
AllergensIt contains gluten, egg, almonds, sulphites and molluscs. May contain traces of soya and milk and products thereof (including lactose)

How to cook scallops crunchies?

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Step 1

Fry approx. 2-3 min

Rest img 1

Step 2

Rest approx 1-2 min.

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