food safety

Certified manufacturing process

All dishes prepared by Euroambrosías are subject to strict safety and quality control to ensure food safety. Thanks to a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, we can guarantee a safe production process backed by national and international certificates and protocols.

From the entry of the raw material until the customer receives the product, our quality department constantly monitors and controls all the temperatures and the different cooking processes to guarantee the correct treatment of the food in its different stages.

Protected within the framework of the IFS international standards, Euroambrosías acquires the commitment to continue offering safe and quality products.

Euroambrosias cooker making crispy scallops

Minimizes the risk of cross contamination

Through a simple labeling system, the customer can see at a glance all the elements necessary for have a clear and rigorous control of the food that will be put on the table of the final consumer: the expiration date of the batch, the composition of ingredients of the recipe and the way of preserving the product.

Trusting Euroambrosías is not just trusting quality products, it is much more:

White label of a frozen roast stuffed poulard supreme made by Euroambrosias

Why trust Euroambrosías?

IFS FOOD Certification

In 2021 Euroambrosías has received the IFS certification after multiple audits and quality controls. We not only have an apartment. exclusive of quality, we also work with external professional auditors to reinforce our protocols.

Total traceability of the product

From the acquisition of the raw material until the customer receives the product, we record the complete traceability process of each ingredient used in the production.

Incident management system

In the event of any problem that may arise, we have an incident management protocol optimized for each client with which we can help you as quickly as possible.


Our facilities have a space enabled for waste management in its different forms. In addition, all our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Do you have any doubt?

You can directly contact our quality department