Euroambrosias,Fifth range dishes for HORECA and Food Channel

The simplest and safest way to streamline your kitchen processes



Artisan cuisine & tradition

Frozen stuffed roast poularada and two trays by Euroambrosias

The gastronomic alternative in times of uncertainty

Open, heat and plate

Euroambrosías is one of the leading companies companies in Spain in the preparation of refrigerated and frozen ready meals for professionals in the HORECA channel. We use the best national raw materials to offer our customers top quality food without any artificial additives.

Every day more professionals decide to outsource the cooking process of some of their products and trust Euroambrosías to save time and money and gain security and peace of mind.

As they are packaged products, they will only need 1 day in advance to organize themselves and really know the units that they will need in the next service. Reduce waste and streamline kitchen processes.

We Cook & You Create


Cost control and expiration

Reduce food waste and optimize shrinkage control. Use only those foods that you are going to consume.

Agility and standardization

Optimize your processes. Open, heat and plate. Ideal for franchises and companies with several homogeneous points of sale.

Unleash your creativity

Replace cooking time with generating new ideas to surprise your customers.


Where to buy Euroambrosias?

Euroambrosías is a manufacturing company. We refer commercial attention to our trusted distributors specialized in the HORECA channel.

So that we can put you in contact with the nearest distributor and you can have personalized attention, you must previously fill out the form that you will find in the contact section.

Do you want to be a euroambrosias distributor?

If you have a distribution company and are thinking of expanding your catalog with Euroambrosías products, you can click here.