Vacuum-pack already cooked products.

At Euroambrosias we are specilized in making vacuum-pack already cooked refrigerated and frozen products for HORECA and Food Channel proffesionals in Spain. Our cooking process is characterized by the combination of traditional culinary techniques together with cutting-edge industrial technology.

In just 17 years, Euroambrosías has positioned itself as a leading industry in the gourmet food sector for the hospitality industry as a consecuence of working with the best national raw materials and partners and having exhaustive food safety processes covered by the IFS Food regulations.

At the momment, our catalogue includes 66 different references grouped into 12 categories so that the proffesionals can have at their disposal a wide range of foods that can cover the needs of their gastronomic offer.

Confited suckling lamb sheet


Custom development

Our catalog is very extensive, however, our products may not be 100% adapted to your needs or you may need custom development.

If this is your situation, you can contact us and come to visit the industry. Our R&D team will adapt your recipe to a large industrial scale, managing to maintain the flavor and organoleptic properties of the original recipe.

If you have a franchise or have different selling points and you want your customers to taste the exact same products no matter where they are,these developments will gitve your product homogeneity regardless the location, under the highest quaility standars.

Award for the best business career

Euroambrosías has been awarded in the First Edition of the ‘Madrid Alimenta‘ awards with the prize for the best business career.

These awards are organized by the magazine Alimentaria to honor the companies that make up the fabric of the Madrid agri-food industry. The jury is made up of professional references and specialized media with extensive experience and trajectory within the agri-food sector.

This award is a recognition of 17 years of experience committed at all times to the development of foods that can help professionals in the HORECA channel, and our concern to always meet the highest standards of quality and food safety.